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Intra-State War Data (v5.1)

Version 5.1 of the Intra‐state war data represents an update of version 5.0 which was published as A GUIDE TO INTRA‐STATE WARS: An Examination of Civil, Regional, and Intercommunal Wars, 1816‐2014, by Jeffrey S. Dixon and Meredith Reid Sarkees. The primary attributes of Version 5.1 are that: it includes updated data on the intra-state wars from 1816-2014; and it includes wars that were omitted from the GUIDE due to publication errors. The dataset is composed of two files: Intra-state-Wars v.5.1.csv; and Intra‐state_state_participant_v5.1.csv. The first (Wars) provides summary information on each war, while the second file (state_participant) provides information on the war experience of each of the individual states involved.