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Earlier Versions

Earlier and supplemental versions of the trade data are also available. 

 Version 3 of the data ( available below) reports for the period 1870-2007  and includes the following:

1. Dyadic Trade: Bilateral trade flow data

2. National Trade: National import and export data

3. Trade Codebook 3.0: Codebook discussing file format, procedures, descriptive statistics, and references 

Supplementary files ( available below) include the following: 

1. Dyadic Trade Supplement: Supplementary source and other information on dyadic trade flows

2. National Trade and Exchange Rate Supplement: Supplementary source and other information on national trade and exchange rate statistics

Version 2.01 codes trade flows between states (as defined by the Correlates of War project) for the period 1870-2006. The main Data File ( available below) includes the following:

1. National trade 2.01: National import and export data  

2. Dyadic Trade 2.01: Bilateral trade flow data  

3. Trade Codebook 2.01: Codebook discussing file format, procedures, descriptive statistics, and references