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National Material Capabilities (v6.0)


The National Material Capabilities data set contains annual values for total population, urban population, iron and steel production, energy consumption, military personnel, and military expenditure of all state members, currently from 1816-2016. The widely-used Composite Index of National Capability (CINC) index is based on these six variables and included in the data set.


Citation and History  

In any  paper or publication that use this data set, user are asked to give the version number and cite an article of record for the data set as follows:

Singer, J. David, Stuart Bremer, and John Stuckey. (1972). "Capability Distribution, Uncertainty, and Major Power War, 1820-1965." in Bruce Russett (ed) Peace, War, and Numbers, Beverly Hills: Sage, 19-48.

The above article, the first NMC data set assembled in the 1960s, described and analyzed original data on major powers only. Following this, the data set was expanded to cover the entire interstate system as discussed in:

Singer, J. David. 1987. "Reconstructing the Correlates of War Dataset on Material Capabilities of States, 1816-1985" International Interactions, 14: 115-32.

Data Set 

Version 6.0 of the data set covers the period 1816-2016 contains the set of raw data values for the six basic indicators within the data set along with the computed Composite Index of National Capability (CINC) score, along with a file describing its format, and documentation for the construction of these indicators. The data consist of two parts:

1. NMC Codebook v6The codebook for version 6.0 of the data identifying the variables, variable order, and format of the data set.

2. NMC v6 abridged: ZIP file of .csv, .dta, and .txt formats of the CINC scores and the six indicators. 

3. NMC v6 supplemental: ZIP file of .csv, .dta, and .txt formats of data and sources for data.