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Previous Data

Version 4.0 of the data and the subcomponent data are still available. 

1. NMC Codebook v4: The codebook for version 4.0 of the data identifying the variables, variable order, and format of the data set.

2. NMC v4 data: .csv file of v4 (1816-2007) of the NMC data.

Subcomponent Data 

The main data set above contains data on six individual components. The COW project maintains information on data sources, interpolation methods, the quality of individual data points, and noted anomalous values in the data. These subcomponent data points, in both .csv and .dta formats, are :

1. NMC Supplement v4 (.csv): ZIP file of the underlying .csv data base for CINC components.

2. NMC Supplement v4 (.dta): ZIP file of the underlying data base for CINC components in .dta format.

Important Notes on the Use of Raw Capability Data 

Values for total population, urban population, iron and steel production, energy consumption, military personnel, and military expenditure for each state-year were originally collected to construct the composite index of national capabilities. These components are offered here but the user of these data should be warned that the quality and quantity of the data vary greatly from state to state and from year to year. In particular, each of the six indicators has its own idiosyncrasies that limit cross-time comparability.  Hence, those who use the raw data in time-series analyses should do so with caution.  Users of the data are strongly urged to read the NMC codebook. 


Derived Indicator 

Annual values for the computed Composite Index of National Capability (CINC) score are included with this data set. This measure is generally computed by summing all observations on each of the 6 capability components for a given year, converting each state's absolute component to a share of the international system, and then averaging across the 6 components.