Defense Cooperation Agreement Dataset

This dataset covers bilateral defense treaties from 1980-2010. This data set is hosted by Brandon Kinne at University of California, Davis.

DCAD 1980-2010


The Defense Cooperation Agreement Dataset (DCAD) is a comprehensive, human-coded dataset on bilateral defense cooperation agreements (DCAs), covering all independent countries in the international system from 1980 through 2010. DCAs are framework treaties that coordinate and institutionalize routine, day-to-day defense co-operation between signatories. DCAs promote such activities as defense policy coordination, joint military exercises, joint peacekeeping operations, defense-related research and development, joint weapons programs, procurement and arms trade, officer exchanges, joint working groups, etc.


In any papers or publications that utilize this dataset, users are asked to cite the article of record for the dataset, as follows:

Kinne, Brandon J. 2020. “The Defense Cooperation Agreement Dataset (DCAD).” Journal of Conflict Resolution 64(4): 729-755.


The data are distributed in a flat text, comma-separated-variable (.csv) file. By default under Microsoft Windows, .csv files will open in Microsoft Excel. But the file may be opened in any program that reads text.

Questions and Feedback

The DCA Dataset is hosted by Brandon Kinne, University of California Davis,  under the COW Data Hosting Program. In case of questions or concerns concerning the data or coding rules, he may be contacted by email at

DCAD 1980-2010

Zip file containing the DCAD dyadic and main data in .csv format and the codebook. — 3019 KB