Territorial Change (v6)

This data set records all peaceful and violent changes of territory from 1816-2018. This data set is hosted by Steven V. Miller, Clemson University.

Territorial Change, 1816-2018 (v6)


The territorial change dataset is the result of the effort to identify and code all territorial changes involving at least one nation-state (as defined by the Correlates of War project) for the period 1816-2018. The data are restricted to territorial changes that involve at least one recognized (by COW) nation-state. Both the nation states and the non-nation states involved in territorial changes are regarded as political entities. This dataset contains information on the entities involved, the gaining side, the losing side, the territory exchanged, as well as the type and date of the exchange.

On March 25, 2019 we released the sixth version of this data set (that covers 1816-2018). This is an update of the earlier territorial change data set that ended in 2014. Listed updates and new data are available in the zip file below.


In any papers or publications that utilize this data set, users are asked to give the version number and cite the article of record for the data set, as follows:

Tir, Jaroslav, Philip Schafer, Paul Diehl, and Gary Goertz. 1998. “Territorial Changes, 1816-1996: Procedures and Data”, Conflict Management and Peace Science 16:89-97.

Data Set

The revised territorial change data – now version 6 – is available in .csv format. The ZIP file below, contains the following files:

  1. tc2018.csv: the data in comma-separated variable ASCII format.
  2. tc2018.xls: the data in a Microsoft spreadsheet format.
  3. tcmanual.pdf: The main territorial change coding manual. Appendixes A, B and C give details on changes introduced in v3.0, v4.0 and v4.01 respectively.
  4. Entities.pdf: The list of political entities (colonies, dependencies, and possessions)

Questions and Feedback

The territorial change data set is hosted by Steven Miller, Clemson University, under the COW Data Hosting Program. In case of questions or concerns concerning the data or coding rules, contact the host by email at svmille@clemson.edu.

Territorial Change Data 1816-2018

Zip file containing the newly updated Territorial Change data, data manual, and comments on the current updates.

terr-changes-v6.zip — 255 KB